Land Clearing

Land Clearing Services 
for Augusta, GA

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, brush, stones and other obstacles from an area. Land clearing services are essential for land improvement or construction projects. Land clearing can be used for agricultural, environmental or residential and commercial developmental reasons. Land clearing is a costly and time consuming project when doing it on your own, call the professionals at Gary's Tree Service to help. We proudly serve the Augusta, GA area. 

Why Is Land Clearing Important?

There are a number of reasons for land clearing services. From removing stumps and smoothing out large holes to getting rid of thick brush or forested areas, we can do it all. Some important reasons for land clearing are:

  • To make the land usable

  • To make the land safe for agricultural, environmental or developmental purposes

  • To make the land look nicer

  • and More!

Rely On the Professionals for Your Land Clearing Needs

Full tree removal doesn't just stop at the trunk and branches. Once we remove a tree, the unsightly stump must then be dealt with. Tree stumps can either be removed or ground down into mulch, depending on the tree's root system, size, and other considerations. Removal is a bit more in-depth, requiring digging below the ground, cutting away the root system, and hauling the stump away.