Tree & Stump Removal

Tree & Stump Removal for Augusta, GA

Sometimes, for one reason or another, a tree needs to be removed from your property. If you need tree removal, stump removal, or tree grinding, give us at Gary's Tree Service a call today, and we can help. 

Why Tree Removal?

There are a number of reasons to have a tree removed from your property, including:

  • A tree with 50% damage or more is unhealthy and should be removed

  • Large, vertical cracks in the trunk can indicate internal decay

  • A hollow trunk could indicate a diseased and unsturdy tree

  • Large, damaged tree limbs could be very dangerous if they break and fall

  • If one-half of the tree appears to be dead, it is very likely unstable

  • Presence of rot and/or fungus on or near the tree should be evaluated promptly

  • A tree which is growing into power lines can pose a serious threat

  • If the tree is leaning, it is at high risk of falling over, particularly during a storm

  • A dead or dying tree can attract a large number of insects and other pests

  • Tree diseases can be contagious and spread to other trees and plants in the area

Stump Removal & Grinding

Full tree removal doesn't just stop at the trunk and branches. Once we remove a tree, the unsightly stump must then be dealt with. Tree stumps can either be removed or ground down into mulch, depending on the tree's root system, size, and other considerations. Removal is a bit more in-depth, requiring digging below the ground, cutting away the root system, and hauling the stump away.